Update: Books On My Review List

I just went on a major Netgalley requesting spree — and lo and behold, my Kindle promises me many happy hours of reading and reviewing! There’s a beautiful variety there. I’m constantly trying to expand my reading sphere to find more “favorites.”

Two Books I’m Reading As of Today:1) Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

  • self-help sort of book
  • I’m digesting the words very thoroughly…highlighting like crazy!
  • I think this book can help me “grow into my own skin and soul” — which is one of my goals (At my age, I guess we’re all a bit confused…)
  • I’ll let ya’ll know what happens. Hopefully, it’ll be astounding, and I can write a detailed review when I finish!

2) Whistling Past the Graveyard

  • historical fiction set in the south in the 1960s
  • told from the POV of a 9-year-old girl
  • supposed to be something like To Kill A Mockingbird
  • so far I’m 25% in and lovin’ the POV

Other Books I’ll Get to Soon:

  1. Carniepunk
  2. For the Good of Mankind
  3. If You Could Be Mine
  4. Awaken
  5. Born to Blog

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