Update: Books on My Review List

All from Netgalley except for the last one (litpick):

  1. Whistling Past the Graveyard (adult fiction set in 1963, from a 9-year-old girl’s POV)
  2. Abandon Book 3: Awaken (YA fiction/paranormal romance by Meg Cabot, 3rd book in a Persephone-retelling trilogy. I did swear I would never ever read a paranormal romance again after I was too fed up with them — I’ve never liked one. But I reviewed the 1st book about three years ago, so we’ll see)
  3. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (self-help book that builds on principles of science)
  4. Aimless Love (a collection of poems by Billy Collins)
  5. Carniepunk (an anthology of steampunk carnival stories filled with darkness)
  6. Born to Blog (well, seeing as I’m just starting to blog, this should help…)
  7. The Boy Who Could See Demons (adult fiction, psychological thriller about a little boy who, well, can see demons)
  8. For the Good of Mankind (YA/teens, about the misuse of science and human experimentation)
  9. The Scroll of Years (adult fantasy/science fiction)

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