Chapter Review: Unhinged — Chapter Sampler By A.G. Howard


Unhinged, the sequel to Howard’s first novel Splintered, is coming out in January 2014. Splintered is a dark retelling of Alice in Wonderland. I previously got an advance copy of Splintered to review for Creative Kids — and I liked it. Didn’t quite make my favorite’s shelf for various reasons…writing style, themes, plot distribution, the existence of a love triangle…but still, nice YA fare.

Unhinged’s 1st chapter starts off with Alyssa being taken into the netherworld (where she goes when she’s dreaming or unconscious, I believe) by Morpheus. Morpheus…how do I explain Morpheus? He’s an awesome character…possibly one of the best. I usually hate the dark mysterious love interest, but Howard pulls it off really well for some reason…. Morpheus is just a master character. And he IS the caterpillar. The whole scheme is a macabre, delightfully terrifying Wonderland! I would never miss that.

I enjoyed the first chapter and will definitely be on the lookout for Unhinged once it comes out.

***e-sampler provided by Netgalley


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