On My Reading, Writing and Life Palette: Am I Overbooked For the Summer?


Reading List (28 titles I am currently too lazy to type up):

  1. 17 Netgalley books
  2. 5 library books
  3. 1 Litpick book that I should really get to soon because I want to finish it and then request a possible little gem of a story…
  4. 3 books won from Figment
  5. 2 books I ordered from Amazon

It’s the summer between high school and college. I don’t have a lot to do (except for all that paperwork and testing stuff I’m putting off till the last minute)…But it’s also the first time I’ve actually done a 9 to 5. Also, my parental units hold highly the concept of chores and family time. 

My dear friends, the lovely Inkspelt and the wonderful bluelazuli are both summer interns too (at different places)… But you see, the other day I compared my schedule with Inkspelt’s. And it appears that my parents are quite on board with the “chores” and “long dinnertime” parenting platform. So my free time every day starts at around 8 to 8:15. 

And my mother wonders why I read so late into the night. I need to! To keep my sanity. 

I’m also becoming very devoted to this blog, much like my dear Tumblr counterpart snowraindrops. This new devotion could be the source of my wavering presence on Figment. I’ve been less active on my Figment account. There was a time when, regardless of tests and homework, I’d feel obligated to enter every flash-fiction contest. Now my 8-month long obsession with Figment seems to be wearing off. Figment definitely helped me polish the conciseness of my writing, and quite literally forced me to practice writing “sweet and short.”

Also there’s the NaNoWriMo Camp coming up in July. Alongside my fellow reviewers, Inkspelt and bluelazuli, I really want to do it. I want to write again. 

Some of my art buddies are painting masterpieces, finding inspiration in the nooks and crannies of their summer minds… I need to paint, too. But also… I need to exercise, I need to swim, I need to go to the library, I need to volunteer, I need to get a parttimer, I need to see my friends, I need to organize my closet, I need to spend time with the younger sibling, I need to start multiple blogs, I need to enter contests, I need to submit to journals/anthologies I can now submit to now that I’m almost 18, and most of all: I need to write. 

What’s wrong with me? I’m weeks from turning 18 and I haven’t moved an inch towards that ink dream. 

How do I find time? By reading less? Blogging less?

Or perhaps it’s just a lack of creative spirit. I always thought summer was the best time for an aspiring novel to bloom. Perhaps not. 

This was an extremely erratic blog post. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Have you faced similar issues before? How do you writers find time to write? How do you shift into the creative mode from the “reality” mode?




8 thoughts on “On My Reading, Writing and Life Palette: Am I Overbooked For the Summer?

  1. Wow, I’m having those same thoughts! I think we just have too much on our plates. Maybe it’s time we prioritize?

  2. Yeah, its been several summers, but I have still not yet pushed myself to write that novel…

    Ahh, I miss you on Figment. Drop everything you’re doing and get on! XD

    I feel for you and your busy summer schedule…I’m experiencing it right now.

    And this blog has inspired me to write a list of books that I still need to get through.

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  4. Hiii! *attempting to leave a comment* I always feel that way; there’s so much to do. I actually am behind in writing my daily journal posts. :c I’m probably going to do it today since I’m free right now. I still have the Students in Print wordpress blog btw. :’D

      • I believe WordPress is in England time, so it changes to the next day at 8 PM.

        @Matt, thanks for the comment! I’m enjoying reading your journal posts (how do you make them so short and concise, by the way? I always make really long blog posts.) Haha, are you going to do anything with the Students in Print wordpress blog next year?

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