I’m an 18-year-old INFP. I’m interested in most things and dabble in a bit of everything. But most of all, I want to write marvelously imaginative and touching stories…

The Reviews: Currently, I’m posting reviews from eBooks courtesy of Netgalley and Litpick. I’ve previously reviewed books as a member of the Creative Kids National Magazine ย Advisory Board and editorial staff.

My Dreams: I have so many dreams for my future, and I hope to share my creative journey on my blog (or maybe a side-blog)! But first, I will post reviews. Fun stuff, fun stuff. I love reviewing books! I’m always on the lookout for the very special books to add to my beloved “Favorites.”

Credentials (just kidding): As an aspiring young novelist (aren’t we all?), I’ve enjoyed writing since I published my first article at age nine. My reviews/writing/art have appeared in magazines such as Cicada, Teen Ink, Creative Kids, Creative Communications, Cricket and more. Most recently, I won 1st place in a national poetry competition (Yay that means I’m not too terrible of a poet, I hope…) and Honorable Mention in a picture book writing and illustrating contest. Maybe I’ll make a side-blog for my poetry and writing endeavors.

Identity: My INFP identity means a lot to me. When I found out I was an INFP, some things fell into place. I often feel like something “is wrong with me,” something is “too different” about me. I’m an idealist, I suffer from guilt syndrome, and I constantly try to match my inner ethics. Some things about me don’t perfectly align to the INFP spectrum though; we are not completely one personality type, as my friend often speculates. I just like having the INFP umbrella. I guess I’m at that age where I’m struggling with identity.

Dedication: This is my first blog, and I’m dedicating it to the dreamers, to those of us who live in a sea of imagination and sometimes struggle to breathe. Our lungs thirst for the air of adventure and inspiration. Our inner world thrums with wild heartbeats and tangled emotions. And sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between reality and mind-worlds — after all, sometimes reality ain’t that sweet.

Conclusion: Welcome to my thought-place.


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