They say people read books to find little pieces of themselves. I heard it somewhere, or maybe it came out of my own head. I’m supposed to be in the middle of an identity search/my coming-of-age-journey/a bildungsroman.

Here are the little pieces I’ve found so far (since starting this blog on June 8 2013):

  1. I’m really not rebellious. (A Really Awesome Mess)
  2. I hate paranormal romance. (Abandon Book 3: Awaken)
  3. My favorite genre may still be dark fantasy. (Cobweb Bride)
  4. Beautiful writing enchants me. Hopefully this isn’t saying anything about my character… But I excused a lot of the errors/overwriting in Cobweb Bride in exchange for the poetic writing (Cobweb Bride)
  5. I thought I’d like to get lavender highlights in my hair, or other cotton candy highlights, to get that “half-surreal” kind of feeling for myself…but then I realize I have black hair. It wouldn’t look very good at at all. My point: I fall in love with ideas and then realize they’re not so good in application (Carniepunk)

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